80’s Theme Party Lighting is always fun and when you’re doing it for an awesome charity like Don’t Be A Chump, Check For A Lump – it’s extra special!  The Wig Out annual event is to raise money for wigs for Breast Cancer patients.  We’ve participated for the past 2 years and have fallen in love with this cause.   So we always love to go a little overboard with the lighting when we can!   This year was incredible with the 80’s theme.  First Uplighting – The foundation of any lighting decor plan.  80’s theme screamed neon and multi color.  But we can still kept a symmetry around the room.   Next up is Charity branding.  The Hi Def Charity Ribbon Gobo with a pink gel is always a winner.  Finally to round out the decor,  we projected 80’s themed visuals onto the wall consisting of TV show clips, Movie Trailers, Commercials, Music Videos & more.   It’s hard not to be thrown back in time when you watch this video.  So much FUN!  This is a great idea for any retro or themed event.


The crew from the charity went crazy with the hand made 80’s themed decor.  They even made their own 4 foot Rubiks Cubes!   The entertainment was flawless with the radical 80’s band Jake Ryan!   A BIG Thank You to Leland Gebhardt Photography for many of the wonderful images you see in our gallery.  There were so many more amazing photos from this night!


We were extremely surprised by the addition of our logo to the Step N Repeat banner out front!  Did we say how much we love this group!  If this wasn’t enough of a Thank You, we got an amazing card in the mail following the event.

Pointe-Hilton-Tapatio-Phoenix-Wig-Out-Charity-Event-Uplighting-Ribbon-Gobo-Karma-Event-Lighting-Thank You Card“Jeremy & Alicia, We can’t thank you enough for your kindness & generosity. Once again you transformed our event into something spectacular!  I know you said you wouldn’t accept more payment, but this is not payment.  It is a gift to show our appreciation for all that you do.  Thank You!!!  Together we are making a difference :)”  
Holly Rose of Don’t Be A Chump, Check For A Lump / Wig Out

To complete the branding of this charity event, the Karma team also designed all of the print materials and logo for Wig Out 2014.  With the 80s Theme Party,  we created the logo to look like the MTV logo.  All of the print materials carried that theme by using 80’s icons in Wigs.   Custom Graphic and Video design is not something we do on a regular basis but having done this in the past, it does allow us to offer to clients when needed.80s-theme-party-charity-event-invitation-wig-out-2014
80s Theme Party Wig-Out-2014-Teaser

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