The Commemorative Air Force Museum is an amazing venue to light up.  The high walls of the hanger are great for venue lighting and uplighting.   The purpose of venue lighting is to highlight something awesome and nothing is more awesome than these classic planes!  We usually put 2 white uplights under each plane to showcase them during the event.   Since this event was their Annual Walk of Fame induction, we also provided Video Projection and Audio (speakers and mics) for the presentations.  The inductees were honored with new plaques outside on the entrance walk of fame so we lit those up for the night time event.   General functional lighting is always a challenge in big spaces like hangers and gyms since you don’t want to have their big flood lamps on during your event.   Our solution for the CAF was to reflect light off of the ceiling to create a soft gentle light so everyone could see.  Overall it was a very special night to be a part of and we are honored to participate!