Projection Mapping & Event Lighting for Bat Mitzvah at the W Hotel in Scottsdale Arizona

This was a fantastic event to be a part of. The goal for the video projection mapping was to create that absolute wow factor. Each letter was 6.5′ wide x 7.5′ tall making a total projection width of 60′. We used 3 projectors mounted from the ceiling to cover the entire area. Our visuals/mapping software allowed us to combine all 3 projectors into one virtual projection canvas and then map the visuals only to the letters. As you can see, no video was projected on the walls between or behind the letters.

The night started off with the debut of Samantha’s music video projected onto the letters for her grand entrance. After that, it was dancing all night. We matched the visuals to energy of the music by mixing in CG Animations, text effects, movie / TV Clips, music videos, VJ Loops, and video element effects such as Fire. All of this was done on the fly by just reacting to the music the DJ was playing.

While Projection Mapping was the star of this show, there was an amazing supporting cast of lighting effects in the room. 40 RGBWA LED Uplights synchronized to the music, 4 Moving Head lighting fixtures on truss uprights, and a haze machine to give the light that tangible feel.

That incredible lighted dance floor was provided by Kool Party Rentals.

Here are some of the other fantastic vendors that made it an amazing night!

Event Cooridination aka Masterminded by the Super Fabulous and Rad  Life Design Events!

3D Letter Creation by

Lighted Dance Floor & Furniture

Music Video Created by

DJ & Dancers

Staging & Rentals by

Flare Bartenders by

Venue: The W Hotel