Providing fun, energetic and safety minded lighting for Gymnasiums is always a challenge – they’re big… really big and absolutely no lighting once the overheads are turned off.  But that also means it’s a blank canvas that we can have fun with!   So we compensate with uplighting and colored pattern area washes to match the theme or mood.  The JCC’s Gym has several features that help in creating a fun party environment with lighting.   First the court divider is basically a giant wall that lets us uplight or project images or names on it.  Second there are higher balconies that we can project lighting from directly above to get the best possible angle.  And lastly – The staff is amazing and very accomodating!

For this Bar Mitzvah,  we used red uplighting on fun angles for the perimeter walls and flame pattern washes from the balcony to add an extra dimension to the decor.  Additional colored area washes were used to replace overhead lighting so the guests could walk around safely and see one another during the event.   Lastly we lit Noah’s name in balloons with synchronized color changing lights to make it really pop all night!

Speaking of Balloons… all of the amazing ballon decor and table centerpiecesw was done by  The Balloon People  amazing work!

Here’s a great before and after pic that shows one side of the gym fully decorated with the other…. not!

VENUE:  Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center (JCC)