Why Karma Lighting?

Many people ask us what makes us different from other companies and the answer is simple… It’s us!   It’s our passion for making your event as memorable as it can be!  Of course, we have all the newest and coolest technology out there, but they’re no good without the dedication and eye for design to truly personalize an event to match YOU : )

Let our 5-time award-winning team; for Best Technical Production and Best Event Innovation, from the International Live Event Association, help you bring your dream event to a reality. Call us today 480.969.3766!

Jeremy – After attending university for Communications and Theatrical Lighting Design, Jeremy put his talents to work in the special event industry including DJing Weddings & Clubs, Radio, Event Lighting, Graphic & Video Design, Music Promotions & Production and more.  Jeremy has been a wedding DJ for over 10 years and knows weddings inside and out.  Outside of work Jeremy has been involved with coaching Special Olympics and supporting his little brother’s endeavors in the National Kidney Transplant games.

Alicia – After years and years in Hospitality and Real Estate, Alicia realized that it was time to work with her husband and help create memorable experiences for every bride and groom with whom they work. Now, this is her passion. “Being creative is so much more fun than spending all day in an office. I Love what I do now!” Alicia also loves all college sports… especially Gator football. Go Gators!